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Gibson Guitars for Sale

Gibson Guitars for SaleGibson Guitar company has a long history of manufacturing high-quality guitars and basses. Their produced include the Les Paul Faded guitar, which is self-lubricating, which will provide an accurate return to pitch. Other features offered are thick rosewood fingerboard (which provides more tone) and lighter weight for comfortable playing. Other guitars include the Les Paul Classic, SG Special, and SG Standard. Click Here to view more about Gibson Guitars

Fender Guitars for Sale

Fender Guitars for SaleFender offers a range of guitars with a long History of tradition. Choose from Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Duo-Sonic, Mustang and Squier. If you’re looking for a professional guitar, try their Professional line, which can help you sound like a master guitarist.  Click here to learn the “History of the Fender Stratocaster guitar”

Ibanez Guitars for Sale

Ibanez Guitars for SaleIbanez offers some great electric guitars. Shop for their Prestige, Custom, Premium, Iron Label, and Standard guitars. Each type offers a number of cool features. For example, if you decide you want your custom guitar, you can expect to receive great sound, the best woods, fret treatments and more.

B C Rich Guitars for Sale

B C Rich Guitars for SaleYou can find some fantastic guitars and basses here too. Top guitars which have become bestsellers include the B.C. Rich WarBeast, Metal Master Warlock and Mockingbird STC.

Epiphone Guitars for Sale

Epiphone Guitars for SaleEpiphone has a slogan: “Performance is Our Passion.” There are a number of different guitars to choose from the PRO-1 Spanish Classic, Masterbuilt Olympic Electric Guitar, Masterbuilt Zenith Electric Guitar, and more.

Jackson Guitars for Sale

Jackson Guitars for SaleIf you are looking for the newest guitars, then visit Jackson, which sells some of them. Their new Pro Series Dinky models provides an awesome performance. One model is the DK3, which provides an ash body, and a bolt-on maple neck with scarf joint and graphite reinforcement rods. Other models with similar features include the DK3QM, DKA7M, and DKA8M.