Fender Stratocaster Guitar

History of the Fender Stratocaster guitar

When a person is looking for a quality guitar the Fender Stratocaster has a rich history. This electric guitar was destined back in 1954 by Leo Fender, Bill Carson, George Fullterton, and Freddut Taveres. Since these men came up with the designed for this guitar it has been manufactured by the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, the Stratocaster is still manufactured by this company today.

1954 Fender Stratocaster

There are some things that make the Fender Stratocaster different from other models of guitars. This guitar is considered to be a double cutaway and there is an extended horn shape at the top to balance out the music. This is one of the most popular shapes for an electric guitar. The Stratocaster may be an electric guitar but it is versatile and can be used to play a wide variety of music. This guitar has been used in country music, rock, soul, rhythm and blues, punk, heavy metal, and even jazz music.


Fender with three pickupsThe Stratocaster was one of the first guitars that had three pickups as well as spring tension tremolo system. This was the first guitar made by the Fender company that had a contoured body. This guitar has a flat and slab like design. The double cutaway on this guitar allows for the player to reach higher positions on the neck of the instrument without a problem.




Fender Stratocaster guitar BodyIn the year 1954 there were a number of prototypes that were designed with a number of different features. It took the designers to October of this year to find the design that would be perfect. In addition to the changes in shape the Stratocaster was given a tremolo system as well as a tone toned colored sunburst finish.

The earliest versions of this guitar had a wide D neck and the body was a heavier ash.



In the year 1958, there were additional changes to the Stratocaster guitar.

The main changes that happened during this time were changes to the key. During 1956 the main body wood of this guitar was Alder wood. In some cases, blonde Stratocasters were still made from ash. This ash was harder to find than the other types of wood. There were some other components that were changed as well. The string trees, the tremolo system, and the knobs were updated.

Fender head stockThe neck of this guitar was changed so it looks more like the shape of the letter V. In 1958 the sunburst finish on the guitar was changed to three tones. This allowed the additional color to be added. In addition to the classic black and yellow, the color red was added. As this year continued the D profile of this guitar was also slimmed down.



In 1959 brought more changes to the Stratocaster.

Stratocaster with Ash Body and Rosewood FretboardThere was a slab rosewood fingerboard that was used. Many of the later models also continued to include this fingerboard. The single ply guitar pick that often came in the color white was changed. The new guitar pick was three ply and was made of white and black. This pick was also made from celluloid nitrate pick guard to make it stronger and more durable. As time went on the pick guards were designed with a tint of green when it was exposed to light at a certain angle.


Once again in 1964, the guitar went through some more changes again. The Fender company was purchased by CBS and while the guitars are still well respected some of the quality did change. In this era the guitars were subject to mass production. While the Stratocaster did stay pretty much the same there were some changes that people did notice. The headstock logo was new on the guitar. There was also a switch from clay dots to pearloid inlay dots on the guitars.


By 1965 the Fender brand, as well as the Stratocaster guitar, went through a transition era.

Fender Guitar Head StockAt this time the guitars were produced in a mass production. There were some things that were changed as well. There was a larger headstock developed as compared to previous times. At this time the F on the neckplate was brought back. The Maple fingerboard was an option that was once again available on the Stratocaster guitars. At this time the Fender logo was changed on this guitar as well as other models.


The end of the 60s as well as the 1970s brought additional changes to these guitars. In 1974 there was a slight decline in the quality of the guitar. There was a three bolt neckplate as well as bullets called truss rods to adjust the neck of the guitar.


1983 Fender StratocasterIn the 1980s especially in 1983 there were some additional changes. The management of the Fender company changed once again. The Stratocaster was one of the guitars that the new management wanted to restore but to its original glory. They brought back the smaller headstock as well as the four bolt neck plate. There was also a x1 pickup that was modernized on these models. There were also two control knobs on this model of guitars and there was an input jack that was mounted on the guitar to keep up with the modern sounds in music. This new model was called the Standard Stratocaster and it was made to be more affordable to the average person while still allowing them the classic look of the guitar and the classic sound quality as well.


This guitar is still one of the most well-respected guitars in history.

Fendar RoseWood Guitar It is a classic and many people love the classic look and the shape of the Stratocaster. They love that this guitar had an original design and that it was changed over the course of history. Many people were happy when the management at Fender brought back the original shape and quality of the guitar. The Stratocaster is one of the most well respected and most well-loved guitars in history. Even though there have been changes over the years the guitar was restored to its original glory.