How to setup a guitar

Guitar Setup, Cleaning and Maintenance

We have a few great videos to help you setup, properly clean and maintenance your guitar so you can get the best lasting performance.

The first video cover the follow guitar setup

  • Neck bow, also called relief
  • Concave bow
  • Truss rod defined
  • View the relief of your fretboard
  • Measuring the gap
  • Tools include straight edge and feeler gauge
  • Make the adjustment
  • Decrease the gap (flatten the neck)
  • Increase the gap (add more concave curve)
  • Floating bridge angle adjustment
  • Spring tension adjustment
  • Action (string height) adjustment
  • Intonation adjustment – tune the twelfth fret note to the harmonic (chime)12th fret is in middle of the string
  • Making the intonation adjustment
  • If the note is sharp of the harmonic do this to flatten the note until it matches the harmonic.If the note is flat of the harmonic do this to sharpen the note until it matches the harmonic.


Properly cleaning and waxing a guitar by Taylor guitar.

  • Cleaning and waxing a guitar
  • Cleaning and oiling the fretboard without causing issue to the magnetic pickups